The agreement on granting services

1. General provisions

1.1. The given agreement defines conditions of granting by exchange office (in the further – Service) services of an automatic exchange of electronic currencies. The agreement defines the rights and duties of clients on use of services of Service.

1.2. Use of services of Service means the absolute consent of the Client with conditions of the given agreement, and also acceptance of all obligations described in the given agreement.

1.3. The given agreement is the contract of the offer. Connection to the contract considers the beginning of an exchange in Service. In case of disagreement with positions of the given agreement the Client has not the right to spend procedure of an exchange.

2. Granting of services by Service

2.1. Service renders clients of service of an automatic exchange of electronic currencies according to the tariffs presented on the main page http: // An exchange converting of one electronic currency in its(her) equivalent in other electronic currency with deduction of the commission of Service is considered. The minimal sum of an exchange is specified on the main page.

2.2. The administration of Service does not bear(carry) the responsibility and does not compensate the losses which have arisen at misuse of Service, and also because of the mistakes(errors) of the Client accomplished at filling of the form of an exchange which can lead to translation(transfer) of means into wrongly specified account(invoice).

2.3. Operation of an exchange is considered completed from the moment of translation(transfer) by Service of the sum into the account(invoice) of the Client in the specified payment system.

2.4. Operation of an exchange is made automatically and is disposable transaction. Return of the translated(transferred) means after end of an exchange is impossible. In case of impossibility of realization of the transaction instantly (absence of communication(connection) with a server of payment system, technical malfunctions), remittance to the Client occurs(happens) within 48 hours after inquiry of the Client and elimination of the reason.

3. Conditions of carrying out of exchange operations

3.1. Use of Service for carrying out of roguish operations and conducting any illegal activity is forbidden. Using services of Service, the Client agrees that any attempt of an exchange of roguish financial assets will have suit on all severity of the law.

3.2. The client at acceptance of the agreement guarantees, that it(he) has legitimate rights for use of the account(invoice) from which act money for payment requisites of Service.

3.3. The client undertakes to not break laws, decrees and statutory acts of those jurisdictions in which used payment systems and as jurisdictions in which the sender and the addressee of payment operate(work) are registered.

3.4. The administration of Service has the right to give up in use of services of Service to any client on whom the claim from law enforcement bodies will act(arrive), to administration of payment systems or the user of one of payment systems.

3.5. In case of impossibility of translation(transfer) of means for the account(invoice) of the addressee of payment, or under the request of the Client of means come back minus the commission of payment system and other possible(probable) losses suffered by Service.

3.6. In case of occurrence of failure in work of exchange Service, the Client is obliged to inform on it(this) in a support service of Service to one of ways accessible to the Client within 7 days with the instruction(indication) of details of spent operation of an exchange.

3.7. Service is not the high-grade financial organization, therefore cannot bear(carry) risks of the responsibility for storage of financial assets of clients. In case the client has not informed within seven calendar days on the arisen failure and not completed exchange, the exchange is considered finished, the means, transferred(transmitted) to Service, the Client do not come back and considered as free aid to Service.

3.8. The administration reserves the right to itself to keep and to not return the acted(arrived) means to the Clients who have undertaken attempts DDos and other kinds of attacks to a server of Service.

4. The information given by the Client to Service

4.1. The information which is left by the Client during an exchange has confidential character and can be divulged only in following cases:
– By inquiry of the Client
– By inquiry of administration of one of payment systems;
– On inquiry of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation, under the decision of courts(vessels) of the Russian Federation of different instances.

5. Restriction of the responsibility

5.1. Service does not bear the responsibility for any loss or damage which can arise concerning use or impossibility of use of its(his) services .

5.2. Service does not bear the responsibility for impossibility of the Client to contact Service or for any consequences of it(this).

5.3. Service will not be responsible(crucial) before the Client for delays or not execution(performance) of the obligations according to positions of the present(true) Agreement, force majeure circumstances growing out occurrence, including acts of nature, certificates(acts) of the governmental or adjusting(regulating) authority, war, fire (fire), flooding, explosion, terrorism, revolt either civil excitement, or absence, not functioning or works with failures of power supply, suppliers the Internet of services, or communication networks or other systems, networks and services.

6. The sanction of questions at issue

6.1. The disagreements arising within the limits of granting of services of exchange Service to the Client should be resolved at participation of administration of one of payment systems.

7. Changes and additions

7.1. The administration of Service reserves the right to itself at any moment to make changes and additions to the present(true) agreement.