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1 WMZ -> 0.8657 USD E-gold

1 WMZ -> 0.8697 USD E-gold – from $50

1 WMZ -> 0.8727 USD E-gold – from $100

reserved 49 419.44 E-gold

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1 USD E-gold -> 1.1003 WMZ

1 USD E-gold -> 1.1124 WMZ – from $50

1 USD E-gold -> 1.1253 WMZ – from $100

reserved 27 294.62 WMZ

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Fast automatic exchange E-Gold, Webmoney

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 The exchange occurs completely in an automatic mode and 1-5 minutes to Attention of owners borrow a web-resources we offer the partner program.

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* The minimal sum of an exchange $10 USD
* The exchange webmoney occurs through an extract of the account 

Is E-gold a Good Investment?

Did you know that you could not choose to invest in e-gold as a safe investment option? Since FD rates are extremely low and returns from equities are poor, people are turning to gold for investment purposes. Reports show that gold has become the best-performing asset in 2020 with returns of approximately 30%.

Digital gold or e-gold is the digital or electronic way to buy this precious metal and it is offering better returns compared to gold ETFs. For instance, in 2012, returns were 165 compared to 11% returns provided by gold ETFs. According to experts, digital gold will continue to beat gold ETFs as far as returns go. This happens because gold ETF’s net asset value is calculated after subtracting fees charged by the asset management firm and custodian charges. This again differs from one fund to another.

The main reason to buy e-gold is because it is cost-effective. There will not be any recurring fees like management fees; so, it brings down the costs and boosts returns every year. This makes e-gold more effective if you consider the long-term gains. E-gold is stored electronically in demat form. It can be easily converted into gold. In India, for instance, e-gold is being offered by NSEL or the National Spot Exchange Limited. This allows Indian investors to invest in items like silver, gold, or platinum online. As an investor, you can buy gold in smaller amounts on NSEL and then sell it when you make profits. The gold ETFs are similar to mutual funds where every unit is worth 1 gram gold. You can buy and sell gold ETFs just like mutual funds through a demat account. Some ETFs even offer the option of physical delivery while some do not. If you invest in e-gold you may take delivery according to your convenience.

The conversion of gold ETFs into its physical form can be done only when it exceeds a specific size. That can range between 500 gram and 1 kilogram according to the fund house. Investors must track the Net Asset Value for gold ETFs as these changes with prices. But in e-gold, investors can track gold prices directly. Gold is the most valuable metal and the most traded commodity on the world. Gold trading is always in demand, and it’s a good idea to invest in such precious metals. So is crude oil trading; increased demand forecasts have established high prices for oil, causing crude oil stock prices to rise.
Investors can use automated trading apps to monitor the market continuously without much manual efforts. Investing in the best gold and oil stocks will be among the most profitable investments. As a result, it may make sense to invest a portion of your portfolio in gold or oil equities during these pretty hazardous times.

If you must trade in e-gold or gold ETFs you have to pay brokerage fees. In case of digital gold, this is 0.25% of purchase rate.  In terms of taxes, the gold ETFs have an edge over digital gold. While it is 1 year that is held as long term for gold ETFs, for digital gold it is 3 years. Moreover, e-gold is subject to wealth taxes. This happens because e-gold is treated similar to physical gold and this makes it liable for capital gains when it is held for 3 and more years. In comparison, gold ETFs will be eligible for long-term capital benefits when held for only a year and gold ETFs are regarded as financial assets; therefore, not subject to wealth taxes. Consider trading cryptocurrencies through automated trading systems like the bitcoin circuit platform, which has no deposit, withdrawal, or brokerage fees, as well as no hidden fees on trading activities, in addition to e-gold or gold ETFs. These financial markets software ensures that every penny a trader earns is theirs alone. The bot ensures positive Bitcoin Circuit experiences, thus the investment in this automated trading software may be profitable.

In terms of security, both e-gold and gold ETFs are regulated by SEBI or Securities Exchange Board of India that looks after investor interests. But there have been questions raised on unregulated gold products, because when there is no regulator, investor interests can be at risk.